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Raven Shree

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Formal Education & Training

  1. B.S., Business and Marketing: University of Phoenix

  2. A.A., Human Biology: Mesa College

  3. Certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician): State of California

  4. Massage Therapist Training (500 hr): Body Mind College

  5. Yoga Teacher Training (200 hr): Deep Yoga

  6. Bioenergetics Course Work: San Diego Institute of Bioenergetics

  7. SoulCollage Facilitator Training

  8. Rapport Leadership Training: Neurolinguistic Training (NLP)

  9. Toastmasters International: Training in Communication and Leadership

  10. Vistage Leadership Training: Executive Strategy

  11. Sacred Centers Certifications: Chakra Psychology

  12. Animas Valley Institute: Medicine Wheel Apprenticeships

  13. Artist. Shaman. Healer Sage: Shamanic Arts Program

Raven develops and facilitates engaging and inspiring workshops and private sessions that integrate Eastern and Western healing practices. She is able to deliver information and inspiration in ways that are easy to understand and connect with you can integrate new models of wholeness in your daily life.

Raven’s extraordinary offerings combine the magic of SoulCollage, Chakra Balancing, Bioenergetics, Nature Therapies, Medicine Wheel Journeys and Ritual Arts to offer holistic and integrative expiernaces for soul and spirit.

Raven’s embodiment of the Chakra System is the foundation for her living and teaching.  She studied under acclaimed writer and chakra therapist, Anodea Judith PhD, completing her Chakra Teacher Certification through Sacred Centers and assisting Anodea for several years around the United States.  Raven’s unique focus on the chakras integrates developmental psychology and Bioenergetics, modalities cultivated through Raven’s studies at the San Diego Institute for Bioenergetics and BodyMind College for her Massage Therapist training.

Raven apprenticed with master yoga teachers, Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb, completing their Yoga Teacher Training through Deep Yoga in San Diego, CA. Raven volunteered at residential treatment programs and led weekly yoga for Marriott’s Corporate Wellness Program.

Raven’s studies with Bill Plotkin and his model of eco-soul evolution through the Medicine Wheel has deeply inspired the integration of eco-therapies into her sessions. Raven is currently integrating this model with her chakra studies, creating a new model for the Chakra Medicine Wheel.

Throughout all stages of her life, Raven has engaged dance, poetry, and visual arts to explore and express both the shadow and light forces of her life. She is an avid nature and wildlife enthusiast, capturing riveting images of the miraculous natural world we live in. Her first book in her Naturalist Series focuses on geology and how rocks create and influence the foundation of our world. 

Personable, engaging, and inspirational, Raven is a leader in her community and a spokesperson for positive and lasting change using a broad range of tools. She is amazing at holding space for others to dive into their own being. Her soul intention is show up and be a living light to both our human and divine being.

To learn more about Raven Shree’s programs, contact her at ravenshree@me.com or 619.228.5025