Chakra System

Sacral Chakra

Element:     Water

Solar Chakra

Element:    Fire

Heart Chakra

Element:    Air

Throat Chakra

Element:    Ether

Brow Chakra

Element:   Light

Crown Chakra

Element:   Thought

Grounds you down in the physical reality of Now.  This chakra influences physical being and your ability to survive & thrive in the physical Earthly realm.

This chakra is about merging with Divine Consciousness. It is here we disconnect from illusions and attachments of lower chakras and transcend into oneness. 

Governs imagination and intuition through your 3rd Eye. It is here where you engage patterns of archetypal being to cultivate wisdom.  

Governs the realm of communication, creativity and truth. It is here where your soul sings in harmony with the universe and your authentic, expressive being.

This chakra is the center of being,  serving as bridge between body/mind, physical/spiritual, giving/receiving. Influences matter of the heart such as compassion, love, forgiveness .  

Expresses your power, drive, ego and intentions. It is here where you ignite your will to live with purpose in rightful action. 

Governs movement, feeling, sensuality and sacred union. It is here where you dive into the ebb and flow of emotional being.

Root Chakra

Element:    Earth

The Chakra System represents the yogic philosophy of how life force energy is organized & expressed.  Chakra energy vibrations influence the health and vitality of your physical, mental & spiritual being.  Harnessing the elemental vibration of each psycho-spiritual chakra center supports you in vibrating at your highest frequencies at each tier of being.

Raven Shree combines Eastern Models of Chakra Energetics, with Western Models of Developmental Psychology, with Wiccan elemental practices and Shamanic ceremony to create a unique delivery system of information and inspiration for soulful living.

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