E3 Alchemy celebrates and honors the wisdom of the Medicine Wheel as a map for cultivating soul in our daily lives and evolution of humanity.

Raven Shree offers unique journeys through the wild terrain of being, integrating seasonal and directional lessons from the Medicine Wheel, with psycho-spiritual energetics of the chakras, with Wiccan elemental practices and Shamanic ceremony to create a unique delivery system of information and inspiration for soulful living.

Shamanic Soul Gatherings

Monthly gatherings in Denver area to work with seasonal aspects of the Medicine Wheel. 

Shamanic Arts

Create your own ceremonial tools with sacred finds in nature.


Create art that represents wisdom sources & expiernaces along the Medicine Wheel.

Private Sessions

Hands on therapeutics, massage, and Shamanic Blessings.

EcoSoul Events 

Mytho Poetry

  1. Shamanic Arts. Ritual & Ceremony.

  2. Drum Journeys.  Guided Quests.

  3. EcoTherapies. Nature Immersion.

  4. Journaling. MythoPoetry.

  5. Community. Witness Council