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EcoSoul Retreat Center

Aurora, CO


"Single-handedly, the most thorough and complete "Massage" I have ever had! Raven does so much more than place you on a table a do a "massage"! She truly incorporates you, as a whole, and designs a very specific session that is catered to your personal body, mind and spiritual states in that moment......and she does so brilliantly and thoroughly. I am very inspired by her sessions and HIGHLY recommend treating yourself to one of these magical, healing experiences." Angela

What People are Saying...

Private sessions with Raven Shree are organically crafted based upon what is present for you when you arrive. Integrated therapies utilized to support your private session include;

  1. Connection. Council. Care.

  2. Breath Work. Bioenergetics.

  3. Massage. Energy Work. Nurturing Touch.

  4. Guided Visualization. Drum Journeys.

  5. SoulCollage. Tarot.

Shamanic Soul Massage

Enter the Chakra Medicine Wheel for shamanic blessings and chakra attunements. This ceremonial massage integrates various healing modalities to create a unique experience for your healing session, such as elemental blessings, guided journey, massage and energy work.

1.5 hr session $105

“Transformative! Raven Shree is a dynamic powerhouse, expertly weaving her wealth of knowledge from bioenergetics and developmental psychology through chakra empowerment and medicine wheel evolution. Propelling deeper examination of my inner landscape, my vision sharpened. Feeling supported and resourced every step of the way, she deftly challenged expansion of reality and possibility with practices to further embody new paradigms to reach my goals.” ~Melissa K.

Shamanic Soul Reading

Enter the Chakra Medicine Wheel and access imagery from mystery to guide you on your pathway. This ceremonial experience works with the directions of the Medicine Wheel, and imagery from Tarot & SoulCollage.

Go on a Vision Quest, using imagery that inspires soul, to inform and inspire your life journey.

1 hr session  $55