Fire, the true element of Alchemy, transforms matter into Light, Heat & Energy. Fire governs metabolism, enabling you to break down matter, and life experiences, into absorbable nutrients for Digestion, Assimilation & Empowerment.

Fire engages Solar Chakra energetics, encouraging expansion of authentic selfhood in community. It is here you engage ego, live your values, drive your momentum, directing your actions with intention & purpose.

These energies empower the third phase of the ChakraSoul Wheel of Life, in the Play of Life, where you are the central actor in your own play, interacting with the world, with a call to live in Right Action & Right Relationship with the world.

  1. Engage Soul

  2. Be Responsible to your Values

  3. Meet Challenges with Integrity

  4. Engage Purpose, Power & Enthusiasm

  5. Increase Commitments to Vitality

E3 Alchemy events support you to:

Engaged Power.  Activated Purpose. Courageous Living.

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